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About Us

Project Content is an effort by our team to improve the standard for LED video content. Along with raising content standards, providing a simple and affordable way to access and utilize a large library of content from anywhere is extremely important. Users can also order custom content that is created by our expert in-house design team. Project Content is much more than your average content library, it's complete sign management.

Who We Are

We bring Midwest values and a common sense approach to high quality LED content creation. Our team is capable of providing content creation, management, and content production for social media.

How it works

Content Library
  1. The first step in using Project Content is creating an account and signing up for one of our three tiers of membership.
  2. Once you are logged in to an account with a payed membership you can begin to find and download the content you need.
  3. To find your content you can search by name, category, or size. You can also browse our collections to find what you are looking for.
  4. Once you find your content select your size. This size selection is your pixel matrix. If you are unsure of your pixel matrix contact your sign dealer (or us, we can help figure it out).
  5. Once you have chosen your size, add your content to your cart. When you are happy with your cart head to checkout.
  6. You will notice that the price is reduced to $0.00 because of your paid membership.
  7. You can then download your content via the download link provided.
Custom Content
  1. Custom content is simple! To start head to the "Custom" page.
  2. Fill out our form to tell us about the custom content you are needing. (separate each request with a return in the description area)
  3. Attach any relevant files you would like to be included in the content (logos, images)
  4. We will contact you as soon as we receive your request and produce your custom content in 1-2 business days! 
  5. One custom content credit will be subtracted from your account for each piece of custom content that is ordered.
Custom Content Credits
  • Custom Content Credits (CCC) are delivered once a month with the amount depending on the level of your subscription.
  • Essential: 1 credit per month
  • Premium: 2 credits per month
  • Ultimate: 10 credits per month (this account is technically unlimited) contact us if you happen to run out of credits.
  • Each account will be awarded one CCC upon account creation.

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